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SolarPACES2015 successful and local

The annual SolarPACES conference was held in the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 13-16 October this year and STERG was well represented with this conference so close to home. The conference was also attended by local and international delegates from research institutes, governmental bodies, financial institutions and commercial entities in the CSP industry. The [...]

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The status and outlook of CSP in SA presented at SAIREC

The Southern Africa Solar Thermal and Electricity Association (SASTELA) attended South African International Renewable Energy Conference which was held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 4-7 October. The status of CSP in SA was presented by Chairman, Dr. Louis van Heerden and an Outlook on CSP as dispatchable-, baseload- and peaking electricity generation technology was [...]

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Scholars learn about CSP at SAIREC

STERG's basic model of a central receiver CSP plant was used at the South African International Renewable Energy Conference which was held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 4-7 October. The Centre of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies attended the conference and engaged with members of the public and also renewable energy professionals. [...]

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The Helio100 project is making headlines

The TIA Helio100 project, is a CSP technology development project and involves the design and construction of a 150 kW thermal pilot facility.  The project started in April 2014 and the Helio100 team consists out of 16 members of which several are STERG members.  The Helio100 pilot facility is currently in its final stage of [...]

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CSP featuring on Carte Blanche

Prof Wikus van Niekerk, director of the Centre of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies, was interviewed on Carte Blanche on the role of CSP in South Africa. The status and benefits of the REIPPPP and the capacity of renewable energy in South Africa are also discussed in the story on CSP, and Louis van Heerden [...]

2015-08-17T14:56:02+00:00August 17th, 2015|News|

Stellio heliostat confirmed best-in-class

The Stellio heliostat developed by schlaich bergermann und partner (sbp), holds its ground through technical economic studies that evaluated its efficacy and cost-efficiency. "After months of tests Stellio heliostat confirms unprecedented optical quality. The sbp sonne team is thrilled to obtain formal recognition for what is known to be the best-in-class heliostat technology internationally available." [...]

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Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision Scholarship

A two year Scholarship is available to study towards a Masters degree in Renewable Energy Studies at a South African University, commencing in 2016.   Students should be from a background of engineering, science, technology, built environment, or law. · Only South African citizens or permanent residents may apply · Application via the website · Closing [...]

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WWF Renewable Energy Vision

The World Wide Fund for Nature in South Africa (WWF-SA) identified the continued reliance on coal to generate more than two-thirds of the country's electricity as a threat to natural resources such as land and water, which are critical to the agricultural sector and will consequently present increased challenges in terms of the food-energy-water nexus. [...]

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3rd Annual STERG Symposium well attended

The third annual STERG symposium was held at in the Knowledge Centre of the Engineering Faculty of Stellenbosch University on 14 and 15 July 2015.  The first day of the STERG symposium was also the last day of the fifth annual Renewable Energy Postgraduate Symposium held by the Centre of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies. [...]

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2nd STERG Technical tour to Northern Cape

One week ago a number of STERG members completed a pleasant and informative technical tour to selected renewable energy plants in the Northern Cape.  The power plants and sites that were visited includes SERE wind farm, Konkoonsies 10 MW photovoltaic facility, Ripasso's Stirling Dish site (photo), Kaxu, Xina and Khi Solar One CSP plants and [...]

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