Join SU, the SDG/2063 Impact Hub at SU International, and our international partners for the Academic Consortium 21 (AC21) Legacy Symposium in from 10 – 12 March 2024 The Symposium will investigate how international research and education collaboration within SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) 3, 7 & 9 to contribute to a sustainable world.

Applications are welcome from researchers, emerging young scholars as Masters and PhD candidates, as well as postdocs to contribute to the following tracks until 17 January 2024. General registration for participants will follow from early 24 January 2024.

Sunday 10 March: Opening and Welcome (Evening event).

Monday 11 March

Track 1: SDG 9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure: Keynote introduction: “From lean and green to lean and safe: seeking for more and more sustainable performance.” Prof. Bertrand Rose, Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Physics and Engineering, University of Strasbourg (TBC)

Track 2: SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy: Keynote introduction: “Pathways to Net Zero Energy Systems.” Keynote introduction: Prof. Dr. Anke Weidlich, Chair for Control and Integration of Grids, Department of Sustainable Systems Engineering INATECH, University of Freiburg

Tuesday 12 March

Track 3: SDG 3 Good Health and Well-being: Keynote introduction: “Health, climate change and primary health care.” Prof Bob Mash, Executive and Divisional Head, Department of Family and Emergency Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, Stellenbosch University.

Followed by visits to SU labs and our incubator, LaunchLab

More information on the symposium format and speakers can be found on SUI’s website with submission instructions and online registration form by 17 January  2024. The full programme and sign-up form to attend the conference as a non-presenting participant will be available from 24 January 2024. The Stellenbosch International Academic Network (SIAN) meeting for 2024 will follow from 13 March.