Casper, a 24-year-old hailing from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). His interests span a diverse range of activities, including rowing, tennis, and indulging in quality movies and TV shows.

Casper’s journey to Stellenbosch University, and more specifically to STERG, was guided by his exposure to previous research conducted by students from TU/e within the same group. Driven by a passion for energy storage, he embarked on a project led by Prof. Jaap Hoffmann, focused on Thermal Energy Storage (TES) in rock beds. Casper’s research involves exploring different geometries of crushed rock models suitable to be used in CFD simulations to further increase the accuracy of the packed rock bed simulations.

His experience in South Africa thus far has been a unique and enthralling one. Casper describes it as a “different, but very exciting” adventure. While adapting to new aspects of life, like dealing with loadshedding, he’s been captivated by the warmth and inquisitiveness of the people he’s encountered in South Africa. Additionally, he’s developed a profound appreciation for the country’s natural beauty, utilizing his weekends to explore the picturesque landscapes of the Western Cape.