The TIA Helio100 project, is a CSP technology development project and involves the design and construction of a 150 kW thermal pilot facility.  The project started in April 2014 and the Helio100 team consists out of 16 members of which several are STERG members.  The Helio100 pilot facility is currently in its final stage of integration and the facility is also the official technical tour of SolarPACES 2015.

Initiated by the article by Jeff Barbee in the Guardian, the Helio100 project featured in several local and international online newspapers.  Stellenbosch University also produced a video on the project and published an article on Helio100 on the university’s website.

STERG is proud to have this project come out of the research group and encourages all members to realize the relevance of their/our work.

To learn more about the Helio100 team and project, visit their website.