General resources

Stellenbosch Solar Resource

We track and record solar and weather data near our solar roof lab. The information is freely available to the public.

  • is the Southern African Universities Radiometric Network. This site gives access to our data and that of several other stations in the region.

World CSP Project Database

NREL and member countries of SolarPACES has combined global CSP project data that includes information for 19 countries on project status, technology and background.  This database can be accessed via the NREL website.


The following module is facilitated through the Dept. Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering.

  • Solar Thermal Energy Systems is a semester module for students completing their Master’s degrees. This module focuses on concentrating solar power (CSP) but also covers solar water heating (SWH) and other solar thermal applications.

Solar Water Heating in South Africa

Information for consumers interested in solar water heating and don’t know where to start.

Solar Thermal Examples