The 4th Annual STERG SolarPACES Symposium took place on the 14th of July 2016 and the 15th of July 2016. We would like to thank all our sponsors, speakers and attendees!


Some of the delegates after presentations on Thursday….


Download the presentations from the symposium in the links below:

Thursday, 14th July
Session 1: Opening & Keynote
Welcome by Prof J. van der Spuy Thurs_J vd SP Intro_STERG2016
Keynote Address by Thomas Roos (CSIR)  STERG Keynote1_TRoos
Session 2: Thermal Modelling  Chair: Prof TW. von Backström
MB.Wilkinson  1_M_Wilkinson
H.Laubscher  2_H_Laubscher
JG. de la Bat  3_BJG_de la Bat
RA.Engelbrecht  4_R_Engelbrecht
Session 3: Process Heat & System Simulation  Chair: Dr S.Hess
 S.Hess  1_S_Hess
 L.Hockaday  2_L_Hockaday
 C.Ilchmann  3_C_Ilchmann
 R.Barnes  4_R_Barnes
 SDE. Benhadji  5_SDE_Benhadji
 JC. Nel  6_JC_Nel
Keynote 2 by Tara Caetano (ERC UCT)  Thurs_Tara Caetano_ STERG 2016
Session 4: Interdisciplinary  Chair: Prof J. van der Spuy
 AJ. Meyer  1_Riaan Meyer (Standard)
 CA. Pan  2_C_Pan
 EP. Dall  3_EP_Dall
 J.Rudman  4_JRudman
 IH de Kock  5_IH_De Kock
Session 5: Heliostats, Optics & Drones  Chair: Dr W. Smit
 AS. Pidaparthi  2_AS_Pidaparthi
 R. van Breda  3_R_Van Breda
 A. Nolte  4_A_Nolte
 NJ. Minaar  5_NJ_Minnaar
 JS. Coetzee  6_JS_Coetzee

Friday, 15th July
Opening by Prof F. Dinter  1_F_Dinter
 SANEDI – Dr Karen Talbot-Surridge  2_K_Talbot
 TIA – Mr Cebo Silinga  3_Cebo Silinga_STERG
 Helio100 -Mr Willem Landman  4_W_Landman
 Abengoa Solar – Mr Julian Lopez  Garrido  1_Abengoa
 Engie – Mr Brett de Klerk  2_Engie
 ACWA Power – Mr Nandu Bhula  3_ACWA


For presentations from the past STERG SolarPACES Symposiums (2013-2015), click here.



Memories from presentation day, a beer or two at dinner, a fiery panel discussion and the tour at the Mariendahl Helio100 facility. That’s a wrap! We’ll see you next year.



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For all questions with regards to the the 4th Annual STERG SolarPACES Symposium please feel free to contact Mbali Mabaso ( or Matti Lubkoll ( or call +27 (0)21 808 4016 (Monday and Wednesday).





The 4th Annual STERG SolarPACES Symposium is endorsed by SolarPACES.


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