STERG students visit to the CSIR

Four of the MScEng students from the Solar Thermal Energy Research Group (STERG) did four weeks of practical work at the CSIR campus in Pretoria during the month of July. The four students were Sebastian Bode, Holger Kretzschmar, Willem Landman and Andre Louw.

The four weeks were spent working in conjunction with Mr Thomas Roos whom is currently doing his PhD on developing a receiver for a central tower solar power plant. He invited the students to complete a few projects to help him setup his experiment to test his receiver. The projects that were undertaken during this period were to assemble and mount 25m2 heliostat, setup calorimeter measurement equipment, prepare the small 1.08m2 heliostat, take solar flux measurements from calorimeter, re-designing the Compound Parabolic Concentrator’s (CPC) cooling system and experimental testing with the thermal storage rig.

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