Solar roof laboratory

  • 1,000 square meter solar roof laboratory with staff and workshop
  • Solar resource assessment and weather station with public website access
  • State of the art solar water heater test facility for student research and commercial projects
  • 25 kW McDonnel Douglas Sterling dish
  • Utilities and control facilities to perform contract R&D on CSP optical systems


Receiver test facility

  • 18 m flex use lattice tower
  • 40 square meter aperture heliostat field for intermediate flux (~50 suns)

Other research laboratories

STERG owns a number of facilities situated within the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

  • 1000 °C Kiln with automated quick charge/discharge capabilities
  • 5 cubic meter, 3 ton, 600 °C thermal storage test facility
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter capable of sampling to 700 °C
  • Software: Fluent CFD, ArcGIS, TRNSYS, FLOWNEX etc.
  • Further access to Departmental heat transfer and flow laboratories including multiple wind tunnel


Stellenbosch University Renewable Energy Centre (SUNREC)

  • 2 Hectare facility at Mariendahl experimental farm, enabling dual use of land and cross-discipline research
  • Available for SU post graduate students, affiliates and for contract research and testing
  • Electrified for multiple experiments including feeding into the grid
  • Reticulated water supply
  • Fenced for basic security
  • Helio100 heliostat R&D pilot system with secure control and storage capable of expansion and adaption
  • Full Solys tracker and weather station
  • Newly installed 15 kW single axis tracking PV system
  • Under construction: Packed bed thermal storage pilot with gas combustor designed to be retro-fitted to an air receiver