Prof Johan van der Spuy and Tristan Le Roux recently participated in the Global Power and Propulsion Society (GPPS) Turbomachinery Technical Conference held at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) from October 17 – 19.

The event, which started off with a workshop on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) on the 16th, primarily focused on academic research on topics relating to turbomachinery. The keynote presentations touched on topics such as quantum computing, challenges and opportunities for sustainable aviation fuel and for the decarbonising of power generation, and nuclear power as a sustainable energy option, to name a few.

Tristan Le Roux presented a paper entitled Development of an Axial Flow Fan with Alternating Blade Lengths, on research that he conducted under the supervision of Prof van der Spuy. A second paper, co-authored by Prof Johan van der Spuy co-authored and researchers at Sapienza University of Rome and entitled Leading Edge Bumps for Axial Fan Operating with Inflow Distortion, was also presented at the conference.

The networking event on the evening of October 18th comprised a cruise on the Oriental Pearl through the waters of Victoria Harbour, giving attendees a chance to immerse themselves in the breathtaking sights and enjoy the dazzling lights of Hong Kong.

Credit: Tristan le Roux
Image Credit: Prof Johan van der Spuy, Tristan le Roux