Postgraduate students from Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe who are broadly engaged in research on solar heating, drying and cooling, heat pumps, heat recovery and energy efficiency are invited to apply for funding in support of their research.


Eligible fields for this round of research funding are as follows:

  • Potential analysis for solar thermal systems in the health sector, at educational or social institutions and in the tourism sector
  • Analysis of measurement data from selected systems from SOLTRAIN demonstration systems
  • Renewable Heating and Cooling (solar thermal, solar thermal and heat pump, energy efficiency and heat recovery) in industry and commerce, buildings, health and tourism sector (including country-specific opportunities and challenges)
  • The use of solar thermal technologies for heating/drying/cooling in industrial applications
  • Documentation and analysis of mass housing programs with mandatory installation of solar water heaters
  • Cost-effectiveness and socio-economic impact of renewable heating and cooling in off-grid communities (e.g. in the Four-O Region in Namibia)
  • Women in the Renewable Heating and Cooling Sector (opportunities, barriers, policies)
  • Gender and Diversity in solar thermal – expanding beyond women in diversifying workforce


In order to apply for financial support, you will first be required to create a SOLTRAIN Student Account on the SOLTRAIN website by going to:


Once your account has been created and your email has been verified, you will be able to log in to the website and start the online application process.


All applications need to be submitted by 25 April, 2024.