Stellenausshcreibung: Project MISHA

Doctoral student (experimental): Supported by a technician this person will design an experimental rig to measure the heat transfer performance of potassium-filled heat pipes. After procuring the components, the experimental test section will be set up. The measurement data acquisition is to be programmed. The experiments will be carried out after consultation with the project partners. An error analysis rounds off a good experimental data basis. The person to be hired has experimental skills and has already worked experimentally during his or her studies.

Doctorate student (numerical): Two different cycles for power generation are envisaged for micro nuclear reactors: Joule cycles with air and with supercritical CO2. After implementing the material properties in the thermal-hydraulic system code, the existing models for turbomachinery and heat exchangers are to be improved for both cycles. The cycle models are then to be validated with data from the literature. In addition to the steady-state operating conditions, partial load and start-up and shutdown processes are also to be simulated. The person to be hired has very good programming skills, preferably in FORTRAN or another programming language, and has ideally developed, implemented and validated numerical models during their studies.

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