STERG Quarterly meeting agenda – 5 December 2013, 10h00 to 12h00, M306

Research (40-60min)

SASEC dry run opportunity

a.)     A review of aiming strategies for Central Receivers – Anny Grobler (6min)

b.)    The use of CFD for Heliostat Wind Load Analysis – Adhikar Hariram (6min)

c.)     Comparison of different Layouts for a Combined Cycle CSP Plant – Lukas Heller (6min)

d.)    Survey on Pressurized Air Receiver Development – Matti Lubkoll (6min)

e.)    On selecting a method for Heliostat field layout optimization – Shanley Lutchman (6min)

f.)     Identifying the optimum storage capacity for a 100MW CSP plant in SA – Kam Madaly (6min)

g.)    Annular Solar Receiver Tube – Carel van der Merwe (6min)

h.)    Replacing intermittent renewable capacity in the 2010 IRP with CSP: Effect on coal fired power station capacity factors in 2030 – Christina Auret (6min)

i.)      Design and cost evaluation of 2m2 heliostat prototypes – James Larmuth (6min)

j.)      On the development of an OpenFOAM solver to model two-phase horizontal flow in the receiver of a parabolic trough collector – Josefine Wilms (6min)

Coordination (40-60min)

1. Health and safety

2. Intros of new STERG members/ projects and developments since last meeting (10min)
    Bastien Meznil
    Sameer Hameer
    Emaan Tora
3. Status of 2014 by Paul, Frank, others (20min)
4. Infrastructure and co-ordination update
    a) STERG Ops – Matti(10min)
5. Opens and other topics
    a) Publishing – Open discussion (10min)

Next meeting logistics 24 Jan 2014 (prelim date)