To: All prospective postgraduate student waiting to hear about the recently announced special 2014 scholarship program for the solar thermal spoke.

Instructions to prospective students: Please be prepared to provide information about you and the basic objective of the project you have discussed with your potential supervisor. Please also  note that you must be a SA citizen or permanent resident and do not currently have funding for 2014.

Instructions to supervisors: Please be prepared to to provide information about your general projects that fall under the banner of the solar thermal spoke. For each project, you should provide the details of the student seeking a scholarship. You will shortly receive the application form that will indicate which parts are relevant for you and the students.

SU_STE_spoke_Topics 2014 This is the project list generally applicable but if you (supervisor and student) have something different but still within CSP, please make use of the opportunity but discuss applicability with Paul first.

All applications must be returned to your local spoke manager (Paul) before 9 December when the entire application package needs to be sent to NRF. You are welcome to contact me for clarifications.