Announcement of Call

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Masters and Doctoral Scholarships for 2015

In an effort to develop human capacity and support the transition towards a sustainable energy system, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) is providing postgraduate research scholarships that aim at increasing science, engineering and technology (SET) skills in South Africa.

Applications must be submitted through an online application process to the National Research Foundation (NRF):

Focus areas should be in line with the following broad research themes:

  • Cleaner fossil fuel development, including clean coal technologies;
  • Renewable energy (bioenergy including bio-fuels, solar energy, wind energy, etc.);
  • Energy impact on the environment;
  • Energy for socio-economic development;
  • Energy system planning and modelling; and
  • Energy policy research.

Evaluation of applications

Applications will be assessed by outside panellists in a peer review meeting. Depending on whether applicants are masters or doctoral students, applications will be assessed based on (but not limited to) the following criteria:

  • Academic merit and potential
  • Commitment and self-organisation
  • Significance of the research
  • Understanding the specifics of chosen area of specialisation
  • Technical and scientific quality of proposed research
  • Possible impact of the research / national priority
  • Understanding of chosen area of specialisation

Application dates

Call opens : 26 June 2014

Call closes : 15 August 2014

Designated Authorities (DAs) have until 22 August 2014 to validate applications. Institutions must please set their own internal closing dates for DAs to validate applications by this date.

Please direct queries to:

Ms Tsibiso Mohlomi-Mongale: Professional Officer – Applied Research, Innovation and Collaboration (ARIC). Telephone: 012 481-4315. E-mail:

Ms Zikhona Lose: Professional Officer – Grants Management and Systems Administration (GMSA) Telephone: 012 481-4365. E-mail:

Ms Nolubabalo Moepi: Liaison Officer – Grants Management and Systems Administration (GMSA). Telephone: 012 481-4311. Email:


RSES Postgraduate Programme Information Manual for 2015