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Closing date: 15 August 2013

Process: You are responsible for the application direct to NRF.

The NRF have announced the call for the 2014 RSE scholarship program. These scholarships are aimed primarily at the programs of the NRF hub, spokes and chairs formerly allocated from CRSES (the hub).

STERG is a 50% partner in the solar thermal spoke and we therefore enjoy priority in this program. If you plan to join STERG as a Masters or PhD student or if you are already in the program and are seeking a scholarship, please prepare your application. Projects relating to the NRF/DST solar thermal R&D strategic plan will have highest chance of success. Most of our topics fall into this plan.

This NRF program currently forms the core student support for our group. Prospective students that show proof of applying to this program but that do not succeed will be given priority for other freestanding bursaries available from our sponsors (CRSES, Sasol, Eskom etc).

Feedback from the 2013 program is that applications that fail are poorly written and do not show a good plan/proposal. You should start by looking at the faculty (professors etc) involved in our research [People] and look at the topics at this site [Research].

Contact or visit STERG at any time to discuss your interest.