What is the GradStar Awards? We help students find employment and have an amazing group of business mentors from various corporates, as well as our Alumni of Accenture Rising Star winners, who help us teach students what they really need to know, when navigating the world of work.

We have a GradStar Regional Qualifier and Student Master Class taking place in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and we are hoping you will be able to help us spread the word about the event and get these incredible students to register, because the more we support we have, the more we can change what’s happening in this difficult corporate climate. Companies come to us, because they know what we can do.

We are looking for students from ALL faculties! Especially ICT, Computer Science, Information systems, Engineering, Marketing, Business, Finance, Media, Accounting, Law and so much more!

Please feel free to view our website before you reply, so you may see what it is that we do. This year we are going big because we feel all students need this help to elevate themselves, so even though they cannot all make the Top 500 and 100, we can at least help educate them with priceless advice that could help them secure an incredible job and potential employers will be watching.

Please contact Tamsyn Brown at tamsyn@blackbark.co.za

Website link: www.gradstar.com

Registration link:  http://gradstar.co.za/gradstar-masterclasses-2020/

Absa GradStar Awards 2019: https://youtu.be/_BlWOYJCoig