For all vacancies unless otherwise specified, please contact us through the Contact page.

Vacancies in STERG

All currently listed STERG vacancies require candidates to have valid permission to live and work in South Africa. Usually these positions are available only for citizens and permanent residents of SA. Any inquiries should clearly indicate where the applicant is from and what permission they have to work in SA.

No vacancies are currently available at STERG.

STERG volunteers

STERG has a need for volunteers in a number of areas. Volunteers will be recognized as associate members of the research group (unless already members by other means)

  • Maintenance of the web site and other IT related matters
  • Help with editing and writing documents
  • Assistance with the SASEC conference – South Africa’s first dedicated domestic solar conference
  • and many others…

Vacancies elsewhere

From time to time we come across CSP and other solar thermal jobs. Contact Prof Frank Dinter in this regard and to learn of possible jobs in the South African CSP community.

If you would like to send us a job listing or link to place below, please contact us.